Friends and Food

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College is wonderful and we learn so much from it, but the most important lessons we learn are not in the lecture hall, but in our newly independent lives. Released from the arms of our parents and set out in a town full of strangers, we learn the value of relationships.

In college, friends become your family. The dorms help to set up those relationships, but then we move on from dorms and into apartments. We are no longer just one room away, and that bond must be maintained and strengthened through intention. It is easy for school, work, and other duties to swallow up your time, sweeping those friendships off to the side. Once I realized this, I knew that my friends and I needed to start making more time for each other.

Welcome the weekly dinner. Food has this beautiful power of bringing people together. Since I have been doing these dinners every week with my friends, I have grown to love them all very much and they really do feel like family. Here I will be sharing the recipes and meals of the dinners my friends and I share. So I encourage others to gather your friends around the table at least once a month, because it is much more than sharing a delicious meal with people that you love. And to any of my friends who read this, it brings me great happiness to cook for you guys and I am so appreciative that you guys make time to come together.

Here are the recipes